Square Café Recognized As “Live Well Restaurant” By The Allegheny County Health Department

Square Café where the livin' is easy and well. We here at Square Café were recently designated a "Live Well Restaurant" by the Allegheny County Health Department. They were kind enough to acknowledge us for our commitment and efforts to the countywide health and wellness campaign. We are honored and extremely grateful to be apart of helping [...]

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Order Online!

Squares, have you ever wanted to place a pick up or catering order from us, but can’t place a call to the café? Well, now you can!  We’ve added a new feature to our website to provide you with fast and easy online ordering services. Whether you are searching on your desktop, tablet or phone, [...]

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Square Stars: Sagittarius Menu Horoscope

Tuesday, November 22nd marks the start of Sagittarius season. Here at Square Café we excited to ring in a new crop of Square Star signs. Sagittarius is known for their generosity, idealistic mentality and fantastic sense of humor. They enjoy the freedom to travel and being outdoors. Their curiosity and energy makes them open-minded and [...]

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Plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian Option at Square Café!

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/southernkissed Breakfast and brunch are some of our favorite meals--but they can be tricky sometimes. Trying to lose weight? Trying to be healthier? Don't eat meat or animal products? Between meat, eggs and lots of potatoes it isn't always the easiest option for those looking for something green and delicious. [...]

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Riverside Design Group Holiday Sale!

Holiday shopping is right around the corner and during the season of giving it is important to not only remember everyone who has made your year memorable, but also to keep in mind those passersby and strangers who you share this lovely planet with. For one weekend only, December 2-4, The Riverside Design Warehouse is opening [...]

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Square Stars: Scorpio Horoscope

It is Scorpio season here at Square Café and we have a new menu perfect for a scorpio's fierce and fiery personality. Your passionate and zealous sensibility. You love food with a little spicy kick that is finely cooked and prepared just for you to enjoy! We suggest your try our Ranchero Scramble or Jackfruit [...]

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The Square Café New Seasonal Menu is Here!

Seasons greetings, Squares! We are eager and proud to present our Fall/Winter 2016 seasonal menu. Some may be excited to know that we stayed true to some of our consistent fan-favorites, brought back some much-requested recipes and whipped up some new winning dishes that are ready to be eaten! As always we thoughtfully planned and [...]

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Square Café Receives Goodwill’s Power of Work Award!

Courtesy of ForbesFunds.org We’ve got some pretty exciting news Square supporters, friends and everyone in between! We are honored to have been chosen as one the recipients of Goodwill’s Power of Work Awards! Since 1997, Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania has been honoring employer’s efforts to hire and accommodate employees with special needs. Square [...]

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Post-Gazette Food Column: Culinary Crawl Showcases Regent Square Eateries

-  Post-Gazette Food Column:  Celebration serves up free food for 500 by Rebecca Sodergren A new series will feature the foods of Pittsburgh’s many neighborhoods, with Regent Square getting the first nod. For five years, GoodTaste! Pittsburgh has organized Hometown-Homegrown, an annual festival at the Heinz History Center showcasing the foods of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. (This [...]

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