Square Café’s Loves Plants As Main Dishes!

Recently we were lucky enough to be mentioned by TableMagazine.com in their Food Trends for 2018 (and where to find them) article for our commitment to be creative with ingredients. A longtime lover of jackfruit, we've expanded our menu to include more plants as the center of attention. Not only are these recipes delectably delicious, but [...]

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Our #MilkShakeMadness Finalists Are…

All July we opened our recipe books in hopes of finding a brand new #SquareShake to add to our recipe and give back while doing it. Squares from all over were able to create their recipe and name it. After receiving numerous submissions, we've carefully whittled it down to the top 8 recipes!  We were [...]

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Introducing Our Very Own Betty White

When you have nice things, you take care of them and talk about them with pride. In the summer months of we've been busy at work with our brand new espresso machine--Betty White. Why did we name our beloved espresso machine after the beloved Betty White? Well, for starters both are elegant, beautiful and will [...]

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