Day 1 – 3 of #RunAcrossHaiti

DoWork.Org's mission is to accompany families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs. Taken by the mission statement and charitable organization, café owner Sherree Goldstein's son Daniel Goldstein elected to join the cause, introducing Square Café to a new cause to get behind. Recently, the Square Café family held a fundraiser at the café [...]

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Breakfast Is Now The Most Romantic Meal Of The Day

Maybe you've read somewhere that breakfast is the most important meal of the day--maybe your doctor has even told you so. Well, while there is no denying that breakfast is a necessary meal to kick off a successful day, some often neglect to mention how intimate, special and romantic breakfast is. With this in mind, we're whipping [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Square Café’s New Catering Menu!

Famous for being friendly, fun, and whimsical, Square Café has garnered a group of foodie fans devoted to its delicious and thoughtful dishes. You can enjoy these same ingredients, made with love, at your special event, corporate breakfast or luncheon, or even your wedding. Square Café provides a wide selection of dishes for events of [...]

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Square Café’s Loves Plants As Main Dishes!

Recently we were lucky enough to be mentioned by in their Food Trends for 2018 (and where to find them) article for our commitment to be creative with ingredients. A longtime lover of jackfruit, we've expanded our menu to include more plants as the center of attention. Not only are these recipes delectably delicious, but [...]

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