Hey there Squares!
As you may know, every summer we hold a Milkshake Competition where we accept recipes and ideas for milkshakes, hold a day of judging with an esteemed panel of some of Pittsburgh’s most beloved foodie judges and ultimately decide on a winner! This year we had a stiff competition of milkshake recipes. Over 25+ recipes were narrowed down to our top 7:

Smiley Chick (Shake)

Vanilla bean, lavender, and basil

Spicy Island Girl (Shake)

Mango,Vanilla Bean, Tamarind & dash of Cayenne pepper

The Frick Park

Vanilla ice cream, pretzels (tree branches), graham cracker crumbs (dirt trails), and Heath bar bits (rocks)

Coconut Tres Leches

Vanilla ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, cream of coconut, and toasted pound cake cubes. Top with toasted shredded coconut.

The “Forever Ferrero Shake”

Vanilla ice cream, chopped Ferrero Rocher chocolates (at least two) and swirls of Nutella, dusted with chocolate shavings, chopped hazelnuts & one more chopped Ferrero Rocher ball on top!

Lemon Square

Lemon Sorbet, Vanilla ice cream, lemon curd, lemon zest. Topped with Graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream. Yummmm. 🍋

Square Donut Buzz

vanilla ice cream blended with Square coffee, chocolate glazed cake donut pieces, chocolate chips, and rainbow sprinkles/whipped cream on top. A little caffeinated kick to start the day!
Ultimately…our judges had to decide on a winner…and there was something to be said for the refreshing zest of the Lemon Square! It was favorite amongst our judges who loved all of the sweet concoctions cooked up for the day of tasting.

Want to taste the Lemon Square for yourself? 

Come by the café for your chance to try it! We’ve added it to our menu for the month of September and will donate the proceeds of the shake to ROX (Ruling Our Experiences), a charity focused on equipping girls with the knowledge and skills necessary to live healthy, independent, productive, and violence-free lives.