We are eager, proud and so, so, so excited to introduce My Goodness! When our fearless leader, Sherree, isn’t busy with Square Café, she is working to build a better community to Regent Square and the Greater Pittsburgh area. My Goodness is the answer to Sherree’s latest endeavors of bringing a new neighborhood market to Regent Square!

The hustle and bustle of Regent Square makes this the perfect additional stop on a day of strolling the sidewalks, packing a picnic for the park or grabbing some healthy and locally sourced to bring home to the family.

Above all, we’re dedicated to helping to build the community around us. Over the past 15 years of Square Café, we’ve listened and discussed with many customers about how much the neighborhood could benefit from a local grocery store. While there has been plenty of big grocers popping up around Pittsburgh, we realize the importance of not losing sight of how important it is to not overlook the small businesses and producers that could really make an economic impact in Western PA. We are supporting small businesses just like us because not only is their food the most delicious, it improves the economy and creates jobs in our region.

My Goodness is all about that good local food. Food that’s grown here and made here by the good people of Western Pennsylvania. Half market, half prepared foods and 100% friendly. We love our neighborhood, our city, and our planet and are committed to providing you with organic, sustainable, and ethically produced and grown goods.

From our family to yours- be good!”

– Sherree, Jeanne, and Daniel

My Goodness is seeking your help in getting our business off the ground! Click here to find out more information about My Goodness and how you can help to build the community.