We love us some Rick Sebak! He has been a loving and loyal customer of Square Café over the years–helping us in our annual #MilkshakeMadness competition and showing support for what we do along the way. The Pittsburgh celebrity who is always up to something new is setting out to create a new series called “NEBBY: Rick Sebak’s Tales of Greater Pittsburgh,” and we could not be anymore proud/excited/thrilled/supportive of this venture! As any Pittsburgher (new or local) knows, this city has a lot to be proud of. A rich history that lives on through tales passed down through generations. From Mister Rogers to Rick Sebak himself, we are a city of storytellers, sharers and historians who support one another in our neighborly duties!

Sebak is planning on creating 6 new 30-minute television series: Meat Pittsburgh, Our Bike Trails, People Who Write Books Around Here, A History of Route 88, along with other topics focusing on the Greater Pittsburgh Area and everything it has to celebrate. As Sebak puts it himself, “wouldn’t you be my nebby neighbor?” and help Sebak and WQED help tell the tale of today’s Pittsburgh to share with future generations?

Don’t hesitate by showing your support to helping showcase the city we all love so much!

Click here to learn more about the Kickstarter and donate. 

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