Finishing the year strong and starting the new year even stronger, Capricorn is one of the most determined star signs. Birthdays between December 22 and January 19 fall into the category of “the goat.” Known for their ambition, determination, practicality and helpfulness, the Capricorn can embody a variety of skills and ideas. Unlike your typical star sign, Capricorns have a duality in type–the mountain goat and the garden goat.

The garden goat is known for its adventurous spirit and have a hard time prioritizing things to get their goals accomplished.

The mountain goat is known for its extremely ambitious and at times can have tunnel vision until they complete a goal.

Though different, both kinds of capricorns ultimately achieve so much that they lose sight of their personal lives and put their emotional fulfillment at risk. Yet still, they are present and aware of their surroundings, tending to focus much more on those around them, then themselves.

As far as menu items are concerned, how could we pick one dish for a star sign that has two different personalities?

For our Garden Goats:

  • The Vegster Bene: Grilled buttermilk biscuit with sautéed portobellos, braised leeks, kale, grilled tomatoes and zucchini planks. Topped with 2 eggs over easy, hollandaise and chives.

For our mountain goats:

  • Pearly White Scramble: 3 egg whites scrambled with kale, shallots, tomatoes and house-made King’s Pearl cheese. Served with fruit.

So Sagittarius, if you celebrate your special month with us we’ll gift you our famous Nutella Crepes completely on the house when you let us know you’re celebrating your special day!


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