Tuesday, November 22nd marks the start of Sagittarius season. Here at Square Café we excited to ring in a new crop of Square Star signs. Sagittarius is known for their generosity, idealistic mentality and fantastic sense of humor. They enjoy the freedom to travel and being outdoors. Their curiosity and energy makes them open-minded and always ready for a new adventure or to try something new. Typically extroverted and optimistic they are see no limits for themselves and are constantly trying to write the next chapter in their book. Due to their way of life, we couldn’t agree on just one Sagittarius try, but two. In this fork in the food, which path do you choose?

  • Mediterranean Salad –> Spinach topped with feta, Kalamata olives, diced cucumber, tomatoes, red onions and grilled salmon fillet.
  • Roots Medley –> Sautéed root veggies, butternut squad, shallots and fingerling potatoes. Topped with 1 easy over easy and served with toast.

So Sagittarius, if you celebrate your special month with us we’ll gift you our famous Nutella Crepes completely on the house when you let us know you’re celebrating your special day!


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