It is Scorpio season here at Square Café and we have a new menu perfect for a scorpio’s fierce and fiery personality. Your passionate and zealous sensibility. You love food with a little spicy kick that is finely cooked and prepared just for you to enjoy!

We suggest your try our Ranchero Scramble or Jackfruit enjoy a breakfast as exciting as your daily life.

  • Ranchero Scramble: 3 eggs scrambled with diced ham and Amish cheddar and topped with Marina’s Salsa. Served with home fries and toast
  • Jackfruit: Pulled jackfruit tossed in a light BBQ sauce and sautéed with shallots, mushrooms and fingerling potatoes. Served with dry ciabatta toast

screen-shot-2016-08-13-at-10-24-30-am-400x594Celebrate your special month with our famous Nutella Crepes completely on the house when you let us know you’re celebrating your special day! It’s nice to treat yourself once and a while… just don’t forget to fuel up on that Square Coffee.

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